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our creative design and planning process

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Discovery Phase


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  • A list of all rooms/spaces necessary
  • Physical dimensions of spaces
  • Critical adjacencies between rooms
  • Description of important views or key onnections to the exterior
  • Types and sizes of furniture
  • That must-have appliance in the kitchen
  • The memory of being a kid sitting around the family hearth
  • The hidden quiet space of retreat
  • The way a particular view must be framed
  • The types of storage needed in a mudroom
  • The desire to have an engraving of a quote from a loved one in a stone on the fireplace
  • Etc.

The Pre-Design Phase focuses on outlining the overall parameters of the project to set the stage for the architectural design work. We align the scope of the project, discuss client goals and parameters, develop a “program” or architectural overview, and discuss a general budget for construction. We review the site, any existing building(s) on site, review-permitting requirements, discuss any potential on site renewables (if applicable) and outline energy efficiency goals. From our discovery phase we’ll have a detailed lay of the land and a clear understanding of your vision.

Sometimes the best ideas start out as a simple thought scribbled on a napkin. Before we can get started we’ll need to translate those initial thoughts into what we call, The Program. This is one of the most important tools we use and must develop prior to getting under way. The Program is a document that lists all of the physical spaces that will be included in the project and approximate sizes of those spaces. It will provide guidance when it is time to lie out the initial home design concept. It can hold as much information as necessary to highlight spaces and particular aspects that each space will include. Ultimately, this process will lead to giving the client approximate square footages required for the project to meet their goals. This is an integral part in developing a rough working budget early in the process to allow clients to make decisions about scope, scale and costs.

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