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our creative design and planning process

What We Do

Exploratory Phase


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sketch of building


  • Exploration of architectural plans & building style
  • Presentation of hand rendered design concepts.
  • Exploration of structural system(s) such as timber frames or post and beam
  • Exploration of heating, cooling & ventilation needs
  • Exploration of landscape architecture and design
  • Exploration of interior design concepts
  • Exploration of materials

Now that the stage is set, it’s time to begin Schematic Design and dream big within the constraints of the project parameters developed during Pre-Design. Often this stage includes exploring more than one option for how the building is organized, the massing of the building, the architectural style of the building, which exterior materials will be incorporated, how interior design and landscape design factors will influence the design and so on.

Clients are often more engaged when responding to design ideas as opposed to describing exactly what they want. I have found that having different design options available to choose from can create rich discussions and leads towards more personal design solutions. From these discussions come the consolidation of designs and merging of the best ideas as the final concept comes to life. As designers it is our job to find imaginative ways to incorporate your ideas, visions, and goals into a physical architectural form.

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